Q&A with Joshua Rivero, candidate for mayor of Parker


Campaign website: www.joshuaforparker.com

What makes you the best choice for this office?

I believe in Parker and the road we are on. My family has been part of this community since 1989. When it was time to start my family we knew where we needed to be. Shortly after buying our forever home we bought a business on Mainstreet that became the original Fika Coffee House and I quickly became immersed in all things Parker. I became a leader in the business community and frequently found myself at Town Hall. In 2012 I ran for Town Council and was elected and reelected in 2016. I bring community lineage, local and regional political experience and a network that bridges all realms of Parker.

If you are elected, what issue will be at the top of your agenda?

To reunite Parker. Whether we are unknowingly following the national trend or it is simply the norm nowadays, we are divided. Yes, folks have differing opinions, but we do not need to separate into us vs. them, we are all Parker. We need to remember that the point of good debate is to learn, not to win. Reaching consensus with the input of all parties is what has allowed Parker and Douglas County to maintain the quality of life we enjoy. With strong partisanship comes stagnation.

If you are elected, what must you accomplish in order for you to consider your term a success?

When I leave office I want the citizens to say I ran fair and just Town Council meetings and that I did not allow prejudice or predetermination to influence Council's decisions or rulings, that I protected the process. I also want to be remembered as a mayor that brought our community together, encouraging discussion and citizen participation in all aspects of our community.

In your view, what is (or should be) the role and responsibility of the mayor of Parker?

The governmental role of the mayor is to protect the process of our Town Council meetings and hearings. Ensuring a fair and just decision making process. The mayor of Parker must be a moderator and even mediator to Town Council ensuring that all points are heard as we strive for consensus. Equally important is the role of community liaison. I, as mayor, will be that conduit for all citizens of Parker to communicate their needs to Town Hall at the same time representing Council's direction to the community. I am accessible and have made my service to our Town my full time job, even maintaining an office on Mainstreet.

Why are you seeking this office?

Parker needs a mayor that can unify our community. As mayor I will represent all 57,000 citizens of Parker and as such will ensure that the Town Council considers the impact of their decisions on the community as a whole. I have friends and family in every corner of this Town and I will make it a point to not let any single issue define my service. As mayor I am no longer a legislator but the knowledge I have gained as a two term councilmember will allow me to ensure council is thorough in their process.


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