Winning Words

Words of encouragement, kindness draw attention

Thanks again for all of the emails regarding my column and the “Winning Words” found here each week. I truly appreciate you all. Interestingly enough, and based on the community’s feedback, it …
Quiet Desperation

Check out groceries, human scenery, and emotionally

“Place the item in the bag.” “Place the item in the bag.” How many times could you hear “Place the item in the bag” before losing your mind? This is an ode to the 21st-century American …
Winning Words

Hope — a strategy and a tactic in the pursuit of success

Is hope a strategy that can drive success? Is hope a tactic we can put into practice to help us achieve our goals and dreams? Is being hopeful a character trait that when fully developed can lead us …
Craig Marshall Smith
Quiet Desperation

You only get one life, but hey, no pressure

“September Song” is a song. While the title has always been perplexing to me (why wasn’t it called “September”), the metaphor implied in it never has been, although when I first understood …

Bob Wells

Laugh as though your life depends on it

“Did you ever wake up, kiss the person next to you, and know it’s going to be a good day? I did that yesterday, and apparently, I’m not allowed on that airline again.” Did that give you a bit …
Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor: Kudos to board, Tucker

Kudos to board, Tucker My family has lived in Highlands Ranch for 12 years and our kids attend our neighborhood middle school. I am writing in praise of our current Douglas County School Board and …

Letter to the editor: Classical or tactical?

Classical or tactical? DCSD is a one of the best districts in the state, and one of the reasons for this is school choice. However, I must question the motives of one of those charter schools: Ascent …

Letter to the editor: Sending wrong message

Sending wrong message Last month, Castle Rock Pride held its first Pride Festival to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. Advertised as family-friendly, I thought it …

Letter to the editor: It’s not the town’s lawn

It’s not the town’s lawn In an Aug. 22 letter to the editor, Paul Hatfield wrote “Why doesn’t the town have a regulation that all new yards must either be xeriscaped or planted with native …

Letter to the editor: Teachers shouldn’t be armed

Teachers shouldn’t be armed I am writing to show my support for Dr. Tucker’s fact-based stance on not arming teachers in our schools. As a parent of a student who was in last year’s school …
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